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I have an interview next week as a new grad for NT ICU and I was wondering if anyone have any tips for interviewing as a new grad nurse and the types of questions that may be asked? Also what does it look like to be successful on this unit?

Thank you in advance for the input!

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Congrats on making it to the interview stage!

Many new grads think having clinical information about their (want to be) specialty is the focus, but it isn't. As a new grad, hiring managers know you have no experience. They are looking for:

  • someone who will fit in
  • a new nurse who is safe

As a hiring nurse manager, I wrote extensively about what nurse managers are looking for in a new grad in How to land your first nursing job...and your next! And it's not what you think!

It's written from an insider's point of view on hiring and growing new grads to give you a leg up by teaching you things you were not taught in school.

Here are a few articles written for allnurses:

Myth: You can wing it at your interview; just be authentic and spontaneous. Wrong. You prepared for the NCLEX, right? You must also prepare for your interview. What does that mean?

How to prepare for your interview

Most common interview questions. There are a handful of questions that are almost certainly guaranteed to be askedAnd none of them include "Explain the Kreb cycle." What are they, and what are the interviewers really looking for? I'll tell you! Read:

Uncomfortable answering interview questions and:

How do you answer, "Tell us about yourself?"

Myth: It's good to say, "I'm a perfectionist," when asked, "What's your greatest weakness?" Wrong. Nurse managers can spot a Googled, cliched answer a mile off. Here's what to say:

How to answer "What's your greatest weakness?"  and:

Nurse loses hope of landing first job

Myth: Your interview is all about you. It's not. It's about how you can solve your employer's problem.

Nurse Beth pops new grad's bubble

Express yourself by what you wear. No, don't. Read:

What to wear to your nursing interview and

Uncensored thoughts of a nurse interviewer

Brain freeze. What if you choke up during your interview? Here's what to do:

Fumbled during the interview and lost job

There's much more in my book, and I hope this gives you a good start!

Very best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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