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Hello All,

I haven't been on here for quite some time..... But I have posted my story on here before (Link below). I have called the original hospital and have confirmed that I am eligible for rehire! While I still really wish the situation had been handled differently, looking back, that was not the best unit for me to be on as a new grad. I have made the decision to really start considering going back (to a different unit this time), come spring/summer. That would give me a about a year and a half in the LTC setting. I am both excited and petrified about the possibility of returning. I would probably remain on call at my current place as I still love my management and coworkers, even though that isn't the type of nursing I want to do long term.... Anyways, Not really sure what I am wanting to accomplish with this post. Maybe just putting it out there, or maybe looking for tips/experiences? I haven't made the final decision to return, but will seriously be thinking about it this Fall/winter

Good luck with whatever you decide. Hopefully, LTC gave you the skills and confidence to be successful this time.

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