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Next steps for progressing towards application?


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I'm kind of lost now after seeing my first HESI entrance exam scores.

Reading Comprehension - 84%

Grammar - 84%

Vocabulary & General Knowledge - 90%

Math - 56% (Yikes right?)

Learning Style - Kinesthetic/Analytical

Personality Style - Calm/People

Overall Cumulative score - 78.50%

As you can see up there, the math is the one I'm worried about. As expected, because it's my weakest subject and I've taken the necessary remedial courses at my school already. I didn't think that the questions were hard because they weren't. They were fairly simple. Mostly proportions, fractions, ratios, percentages and metric conversions. I feel like I got a good amount correct but clearly not enough to even get a 70%.

When I was reading some of the questions, I think the ones that threw me off and likely cost me that grade up there were the ones that asked for example, " 1 4/5 * 3/7 * 3 6/7 = ...." They confused me for a second because I thought there was a spacing issue but after just one question I figured out that it's "one and four fifths and so on." These questions threw me off because it seemed so simple, just use the calculator they provide for you and figure out if the fractions (the answers) below are the same answer as in the problem they give you. But after deciphering all the answers and trying to match them with the giving equation, not of them seem to add up. I got a few questions that were like this. Others were straightforward with just decimal answers but the ones with 1 6/7, 3 43/45, etc seemed so frustrating. But seriously has anyone else gotten questions like this? Is there some trick that I'm not getting? It cannot be that complicated I know its not. It's probably some small detail that I'm missing. As I said before, math isn't my strong point. Plus, I studied hard for this portion especially with this in mind!

  • Where do I go to study this information? Questions that were like these that I mentioned and the other ones?
  • I feel like I forgot a few of the metric conversions (I remember putting down that 1oz = 1000 ml which I know was wrong) How do I remember the conversions better? I feel that I got some of them mixed up.

Obviously I have to retake this exam again. I'm so lost on what to do now. I'm aware that some people don't do well on their first try but I thought that I would have this in the bag and then I could finally apply. It's the last thing on my application checklist. Currently taking Stats (ahem, retaking), Pharm and Patho which are my last prereqs. I'm probably overreacting but I feel like I'm falling behind :( What do I do now? Anything I should do to improve my resume? What have you done?


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Did you use the Hesi Admission Assessment 3 ed book to study with?

This book explains everything and is what I used to study for my Hesi exam.

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gizmojamz, BSN, RN

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No I mostly used flashcards on quizlet and the hesia2.org site. Were these bad study choices? How accurate is that book you mentioned? I've heard some students say that some of the study guides they used had errors or didn't reflect the topics of the test as best as it could have.


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They weren't bad choices because I used those too. I got a 98 in the math portion but math is my strongest subject. So before you retake I would focus on understand the math problems and then study the other portions. You did good on the others :)

I used the Hesi Admission Assessment Exam Review ed. 3 and the McGraw-Hill's 3 Evolve Reach Hesi A2 Practice Test to study for the exam.

On math: I would memorize the conversions for sure! And the degree conversion equation F= (9/5)©+32.(a question that required was in the book so it might pop up on yhe test) Practice on understanding how to the mixed fractions problems.Did you have trouble with the ratios also?

The book helps cover theses concepts and the mcgraw book gives practice questions. The book also gives the conversions you need to know, the roman numerals, and time. It also explains how to do mix fractions.

The book provides the basic so I understand where others come from. But what you don't understand you can always look up. But it does explain how the test will be.


gizmojamz, BSN, RN

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It was mostly the mixed fractions that gave me problems. The ratios I understood because it was basically written in this format like 20 : X :: 4 : 1 or something like that. So I understood that you had to figure out what the missing number was, in this case 5 because they both equal 4 when you divide them, which was pretty easy to do.

Well I definitely need to invest in these study guides. They sound like they've helped you a bunch. Lol and I swear I'm not a perfectionist but I still can't believe I did THAT bad on such basic math. Not that I didn't expect it! Certainly going to buckle down more on those topics now that I know exactly what to study for.

Thanks for your insight! :)


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I wish you the best of luck!! :) if you need any more help with math you can always pm to help you solve a problem, etc.