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News Article on Nursing Shortage in Florida

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by Ella26 Ella26, BSN, RN (Member)

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I would like to add... 

Healthcare facilities such as BayCare and TGH can help alleviate the shortage by actually hiring nurses already out there.

What I mean by this is... 

BayCare (which is one the largest hospital groups in the area) apparently has hundreds of openings for RNs. However, just months ago, when I was desperately looking for a job, I applied to over 30 open hospital positions. I even applied for nursing residencies (to be properly and patiently trained) and nights on med-surg! I am an RN with a BSN. Not one call!!!  I was completely ignored and repeatedly rejected!!

Yes, I understand my background experience is not “hospital” experience (I’m a clinic nurse of 10 years), but, I am still a REGISTERED NURSE. I can be trained accordingly. They didn’t want me! 

So, while they claim there is a “shortage”, there is not. There is probably a shortage of “hospital qualified nurses”. But, not a shortage of nurses. I’m sure there are others with similar stories too. 

But, how does one get the experience if one can’t get hired?....

let’s see...train an experienced nurse or a novice nurse?... 

Why is this happening? 

Just my person opinion on this article.





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Same! I have applied to a ton of places in Florida and I have been rejected or gotten the run around!

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