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NewRN - new to New Orleans- any info on pay?

NolaRN77 NolaRN77 (New) New

Hi there- My husband and I are going to relocate to New Orleans in about a month. I Am a new grad RN and I'm ready to get to work! I've done some research on local hospitals like Ochner, Touro and Tulane. I also saw they have a Children's hospital. Does anyone know what these places pay? I've tried calling but haven't had any luck... Any advice? Pros/ cons?

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All of the major acute care hospitals in New Orleans pay between $20 and $23 hourly. A friend's sister is a new grad RN at Oshner and earns about $22 hourly.

I got a call yesterday from Ochsner! I have an interview set up next week! I am so excited. The recruiter I spoke to was very friendly and informative. Fingers crossed!

Does anyone know about the University Medical Center? Looks like it's still under construction and the VA hospital? Are they hiring new grads?

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Where did you end up working? I just accepted a position at Ochsner, starting in 2016. I'm also a new grad RN and relocating from southern CA.