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Newly pregnant and handled a pediatric patient that just started chemo

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Hello All

I am seven weeks pregnant and I was taking care of a patient in the PICU that received chemo. She was in contact isolation for ORSA, so I already had gown and gloves on. I did change her wet (urine) diaper with only one pair of gloves on and only did this once. How worried should I be about any risk or damage to my fetus? Thank you

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Per the Terms of Service we all agree to as members, we are not allowed to make medical judgment calls such as this one. It's definitely something you should take up with your OB or midwife ASAP.

I do understand why it's scary, though. I was in a bad rollover MVA about a year and a half ago and went to the ER to get checked out. They did a pregnancy test, which came back positive before my missed period, and I had to get a head/neck CT to rule out brain bleeds. The exposure to radiation that early on terrified me. Fortunately, my daughter turned out just fine, but I do sympathize with your being nervous about it. Do talk to your provider.

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As Elvish has indicated we are unable to answer your question here.

Please speak to your PCP who can discuss your concerns face to face.

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