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newborn bathing

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I've heard many people talk about the benefits of prolonging the newborn bath and thought I would research the literature. I have tried and only found a few articles, mostly dating back to the 1990s. Does anyone know of any evidenced based literature on the subject of newborn bath timing?




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try to search in the world health organization about the current study on "Basic Emergency Obstetrical and Neonatal Care" BEMONC in short....


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There are lots of researches on this topic. Try Maternal and Child, and Neonatal journals. I've come across lots on this topic when I did my own research paper as a Staff Nurse. I would suggest to get another topic though, if you can still change yours. This theme is very much overused and kinda dated and cliche. Good Luck! ;)

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AWHONN has a whole position on newborn skin care. You can buy it from their website.

Thank You for your responses.

I find it strange that "neonate nurse" says this is outdated and cliche, as I have searched PubMed, CINAHL, and Cochrane review to no avail. Where is ALL this research you talk about?

Thanks again!

It's evidently not too overdone, because hospitals in my area are still taking babies to the nursery at 1 hour old, bathing them, then leaving them to sit under the radiant warmer for a couple hours until their temp is back up. Evidence-based practice definitely hasn't seeped in here yet, so no worries.

I would check out the Baby Friendly Hospital information, there may be some good information there or at least some sources you can use.