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Hey everyone, recent lurker, first time poster, here. I'm currently going into my second/last year of a 2 year RN program at my local community college. This is all brand new to me, as my first (bachelor's) degree was in a polar opposite area of study.

Anyway, probably close to 2 months ago, I applied for 2 open student casual PCT positions with UPMC in Pittsburgh. At first, I didn't think I was going to hear back, as 2 weeks had passed, and I got no response. One of my classmates that was a cardiac tech and is now an APCT at a different UPMC hospital, told me that it took them almost a month to get back to him when he first applied. So I waited, and sure enough, I got invited to do a video interview. Again, a few weeks went by, and radio silence again.

But, last week I got 2 voicemails in two days from their recruiter for Presby and Shadyside, asking if I am still interested in either position. She gave me several options as far as floors or departments, and I set up an interview for yesterday, July 3rd. I went, did the interview with the coordinator for the unit I chose (SICU) and the guy was incredibly nice and personable.

I felt that the whole thing went really well. To be honest, it was probably the least formal job interview that I've ever had. So we toured the unit afterward, and I was introduced to the on-duty PCT as well as a few nurses. I was then invited back to shadow, given the number to call to set it up, etc.

Again I'm new to all of this. Basing this off of my prior experiences, if you're invited back to shadow, you would assume you have the job if you want it. If you got 2 phone calls in as many days asking if you're still interested in a position, and give you a myriad of options, to me that generally means that they like what they see, or that there aren't many/any takers. However, the whole process today seemed kinda nebulous or non-committal? Like, my interviewer said something to the effect of, "You'll get to know everybody when you shadow, if I like you but they don't that doesn't work. If I like you and they like you, that's a good fit." I was kinda thrown by that, because it was sort of indirect, so reading the situation, I thought it best not to be 100% direct back, and ask something like, "So if they like me I get the job?"

Now, after the book that I just wrote (sorry!) my question is, am I at least semi-correct in assuming that I'm close to having this job? Or at the very least, deep into the process enough that I'm a serious candidate? Or am I putting the cart before the horse, i.e. - just because I got called to shadow doesn't mean anything concrete? Honestly this means a lot to me, and I really would like the experience. Not mentioning the fact that I'm also super broke right now and could reaaaaally use this job!

Anyway, thanks for any insight anyone can provide. Hopefully I will refresh this page to one with good news!

Welcome to allnurses! :balloons:

I think it's fair to say you are a serious candidate at this point; they wouldn't be investing the time in offering you a shadowing opportunity if they weren't seriously interested in you. Best wishes!

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