I have just graduated my LNA program through the American Red Cross. I plan on attending college to achieve my RN. A very insightful woman inspired me to have the desire to become a Registered Nurse. Achieving my LNA license was my "senior project" for my high school, I accomplished two goals in one by completing this course. I was wondering how other students became interested in nursing and why. What are the benefits of this job? Is it a worthy lifetime job? This is what I have strived for throughout my educational career, and anyone who has some advice for me feel free to let me know! Starting out this new career is intimidating to me. Any tips would help! [= Thank You!

Specializes in Hospice & Palliative Care, Oncology, M/S.

Considering I'm embarking on my first semester of nursing school, I can only answer your question on what made me decide to go into nursing. :)

Both of my grandmothers were cared for by Hospice during their transitions. When my second grandmother passed away, I had more opportunity (since she lived here in town) to be there as often as I could. I was so incredibly touched by the nurses and the care she was shown that I changed my major a couple of weeks later. I know Grandma is proud of me and happy to know that I'm continuing on a wonderful path.

How about you? What made you decide to go into nursing?