Hi all.

My name is Maggie & this is my first semester in the nursing program at Purdue North Central. I am just looking for an outlet & trying to meet new people in the process. I am excited to see all of what this site has to offer.

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Hello, and welcome !

I joined allnurses not too long ago, and I must say that I'm addicted to this website. Its like we are one big happy family. I've gotten very good advice, help, and this is such a nice place to vent as well as tell good stories.

About me: I'm 20 years old, going into my second semester of the lpn program.

I'm single, no kids.

Anyway, I wish you luck in nursing school, and once again, welcome to ALLNURSE, you'll love it here.


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Welcome to the gang, Maggie! :3 This is a great site for advice, friendship and general hanging around - everyone here understands you and the problems of nursing's great!

Good luck in nursing school, we're here for you!


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Hi maggie, i see that u were in your first semester when u first joined, how are things going in the program, are u finished. Did u have to take hesi a2. If so, what did u study and what did it cover. I am sorry for all of the qestions, but i am thinking about applying to pnc this fall. I am also currently an lpn, and considering their lpn-rn program can u give me some advise please. Thank you sooooooooo much. Hope to hear fromm u soon. Hope all is going well.


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Hi Maggie I just graduated from PNC’s nursing program in may so if I can be any help let me know I saved my books, my notes from every class, and my hesi printouts. If you are still going there and need any helpful hints on test and quizzes or any studying advice just let me know I would be glad to give anyone hand. The program is pretty hard but definitely doable. I just passed my exit hesi last week so I’m getting ready for the boards. Good luck.


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hey Jennielex02 my name is angelnurse80, I was wandering if you were in the bsn asn or lpn-rn program at pnc. I am interested in their program and have been trying to find someone who has gone there, to give me some pointers and good advise. Send me a pm. thanx so much

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