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newbie nurse trying to find my niche

by luv2surf luv2surf (New) New

Please bare with me I have visited this site quite frequently during nursing school and prior to NCLEX. I'm baaackkk........I could use some advice from veteran nurses. So here goes........I am a mature nurse 48 years old mature and I passed NCLEX in August. I moved back to San Diego,California to take care of my mother who is elderly. I accepted a position at a very well known institution on a surgical acute floor. It is very fast paced and I'm learning tons and stressed to no end. I am in my last week of orientation, and I should be grateful that I've lasted this long and have a job, but I started looking for new grad positions in the ED. I enjoyed my clinical rotations in ED in school, but I was told that I should probably try to get one year of med-surg under my belt. Being as I am a older nurse, I don't know if I should stick it out in Surgical Acute, I'm not happy in surgical acute, or should I should I take my chances and apply to a new grad program offering a preceptorship in ED, or stick it out on surgical acute for a year.:cry: Its not like I'm a spring chicken, its like my biological clock is ticking for the ED. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

congrats on passing boards!! Most reccommend the year of M/S. it will go by super fast im sure espcially since you described it as so busy. and doing the M/S will allow you to get a better view of other depts. good luck!!!

We were just talking about this in class the other day. My instructor said that many people think you should start off in med-surg to get experience. She said that she doesn't necessarily believe that. If you know where you want to be and have the opportunity to go there, do it! I tend to agree with her. If you want to be in the ED and get a job offer, I'd take it. Especially being a new grad, they will know that you don't have tons of experience and they often have longer orientations than for experienced nurses/general units. I will graduate in May and went to a few interviews in December. The TICU and ED both offer 6 month orientations as opposed to 12 weeks in other units. I got a job offer for TICU and I accepted it. I'm scared to death, but they know I'm a new grad and they have a great program for that, including the 6 months and sending me to several classes. I don't know how long your orientation was, but at my future hospital, I believe we have to stay on a unit for 6 months before we can transfer. That may be something you need to find out.

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