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newbie here... need a quick advice

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hello everyone :) hope u guys can help me decide what stateboard to take. im form the philippines and im wondering what stae board is the fastest to process. i intend to work in NY but the process is tooo long thats y im just gonna apply for endorsemnt or reciprocity in NY after passing nclex. now im having a hrd time to decide which staeboard to take. i also heard abt new mexico, they said that it only takes a month to process and less that 2 months to get endorsed.

i hope u guys can enlighten me, need to decide soon. thanks :)

I am not sure where you are getting your information from. You still need to go thru the Visa Screen Certificate formality as well as immigration.

If you are planning on working in NY, then go there directly for initial licensure, or you are just creating many more headaches for yourself.

It is also a National exam for licensure in the US, the exam is NCLEX and it is used in all fifty states. Have you passed your English exams yet? So there are no longer state boards here to take. It just depends on where you go for initial licensure.


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