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Any recommendations about nursing in the U.S

I currently work in a forensic physc unit as a Nurse Aid and will probably remain in physc. Only in my first year though so maybee something in general will grab me.

What city would give me the most rewarding exp. (more interested in this than the money or sunshine hours.

Should I go for a year in Canada first to get to know the North American system. I know its a lot easier for kiwis to get work in Canada, post grad year is even possible.


Sure I'll get lots of freindly advice from you guys, six of the staff at work (of 35) are from the U.K. Bit hard to attract Americans however, after you convert the curriencies most the exp. RN's are earning less than $10 an hour.

Fastastic value if you want to study abroad for a year but.

Worth thinking about? ;)

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