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Hi all!

I am a New Zealander currently studying for my nursing degree with honors, how much work is there for nurses in Canada?

what is the average pay for a nurse who is pretty much straight out of training? and how are nurses treated in canada??

Quite a few questions there I know :) If you could give me a few idea's, experiences/ tips on the best places to work - there/ world wide it would be most appreciated!!



There are a lot of open jobs (mostly not full time), and it can take a while to get through all the red tape. Pay for new grads: we just got a raise so I don't know what the new grads get. I'll be getting about 26$ Canadian. Read the Canadian nurses forum and you'll see how nurses are treated. I am in BC and we just had a contract imposed on us by our gov't. A contract 96% voted against accepting. The environment here isn't great right now. A lot of nurses are refusing to do OT and are thinking of resigning and heading off for greener pastures. I would suggest you consider Alberta or Ontario. A friend of mine just moved to Ontario and got a great orientation package. Hope this helps.



For more info you can look at or The RNABC site has links to other nursing orgs in Canada.

Thank you very much! - that's the kind of information that is really helpfull!!




You're Welcome:D

Hi there,

The best paying provinces to work is, anywhere but Quebec. (Unless you work for the Canadian government). Quebec has the lowest paid nurses, and trust me, Quebec nurses working for the Quebec government work VERY hard, for no $$$$.

The places that are nice and pay better is Alberta or BC. BC is very beautiful, and English!!! (Always a bonus!)

I was a nurses aid for the Canadian gov. and I was making more than a nurse (with bachelors) does who works for the Quebec gov.

Luckily now, I am nurse at this same hospital and I am making $50 000/yr, as a new grad, as opposed to about $35 000/yr. (I think approximately).

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