New York State NP or APRN? confused regarding titles


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This may seem like a silly question because I'm already enrolled in a Master's Program in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing but here goes: Upon graduation (hopefully) from an accredited academic program, I'll be getting an MS (not an MSN). I understand I need to pass the NP exam to be designated as such. What about the APRN designation? I've been clicking around online and getting confusing information. Is APRN a NYS title...would I be an APRN, NP....does passing the NP test give you both credentials?

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You are an APRN. You are also an NP(specialize in psych). There is a national consensus to using the APRN for all the different types of NPs. NPs are used in New York State under the Education Law, Article 139. So, you can have FNP, PNP, ANP, GNP, WNP, etc. THe new trend is trying to have everybody use the APRN. I think Kentucky started that movement.

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