New York Presbyterian's New Grad Interview


Hi All,

Over the last month or so I've been slowly making my way through New York Presbyterian's New Grad Nursing Program application process. After applying online several times unsuccessfully, I finally recieved news that I was being considered for new graduate opportunities at all NYP locations. I was then asked to complete a Nursing Career Battery Test. About a week after the test I was phoned and asked if I would be interested in attending an interview 'meet and greet' (if you will) with several nursing directors at the campus of my choice.

So here's my question! Has anyone been through this process (or something similar) at NYP? I'm trying to figure out what I'm in for in terms of this interview process. I've been told to bring 15 copies of my resume along with some other documentation. This opportunity is something that I'm desperate to make happen so any and all insight is appreciated.


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Hey mdw6,

I'm in the same boat! They called me at the end of May & invited me to the New Grad Recruitment Event, are you going on Wednesday, 6/12 as well?

I have been trying to find more information about it, but have not been successful.


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Hey guys,

Did you go to the event on the 12th? How was it?! I'm going on the 17th and I wanna know what to expect


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Hey guys,

Just wondering if either of you heard from anyone at NYP yet about potential openings?