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  1. Hello all. I am graduating from a state school in two months with a degree in human services, (Associates) and I would like to become a nurse. I applied to some schools and have gotten wait listed because all their seats were currently taken, my college took a long time to send my transcripts. This is my question, how much more stress does an RN have compared to an LPN? I am the type of person that worries a lot and I usually have a lot of things going on so I usually have a lot of stress. I feel that if I became an RN, with the stress of life, plus the stress of the job, I would burn out quickly. I think I would be better fit as an LPN. However, everyone keeps telling me there is not much more stress involved with being an RN. So I figured I would ask people who actually know what they are talking about and who are currently working as nurses. I have faith in myself that I can pass nursing school and the exam, but I feel my personality is better suited for life as an LPN. Can anyone offer any advice? I am wait-listed so far for my colleges, so if I don't get a call that they have an open spot, my plan is to become a CNA until I can start resuming classes. Also, I live in upstate NY, so I know the hospitals here aren't as busy as downstate, but I am sure they are still plenty busy. Thanks in advance for your input!!!!
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  3. by   PRNketamine7
    I really don't know about the stress level between the two, I can't imagine they are that different. In health care you are always going to be exposed to stress. How much depends more on what kind of a unit you choose to work on. I would not advise you to go to get an LPN degree, as many hospitals are phasing out LPN's. Many people with this degree find it had to get a job (not that it is easy right now as an RN either). You would significantly decrease your ability to get a job by becoming an LPN over an RN.