Which unit is the best to work on at Columbia Presbyterian?

  1. Just wondering if there are any recommendations to work, or I could just have a share day on most units. I am gonig to have about a year of experience when I start. Any units with great preceptors? Great working environment?
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    Amy, I PM'd you.
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    Hey iris... when you applied to NYP did you have a BSN or ADN? How is the environment and start out pay?
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    I have an associates. I love the environment, so far i have encountered lots of young nurses, and it seems like the older staff really enjoy teaching and are not the "eat-their-young" type. Of course this doesnt mean that they dont exist, but i havent encountered any. Morale seems pretty high.

    I've heard from the grapevine that the hospital is moving towards hiring BSNs only in the future. How soon that will be i have no idea...

    NYP-C is a NYSNA hospital so pay is according to the NYSNA contract...they pay is pretty good, definitely competitive. I think that the non-union hospitals pay more, but IMO, i'll take less pay for a good union...
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    Hey iris, did you have experience prior to getting hired at NYP? I mean what do they require of ADNs? I believe Mount Sinai will hire ADNs if they are matriculating to a BSN program with graduation within one year. Did you merely apply straight out of nursing school and get hired?
    also thanks for your previous reply