Whats the average retirement age???????

  1. Hey guys was just curious what the average retirement age for a full time nurse is???

    How many years do you have to put in before you can retire comfortably????

    thanks a lot in advance

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Well, I'm not too optimistic about my chances of EVER retiring like my parents did. I'm 49, been a nurse since 1992 and plan to work till I'm 70!
  4. by   neeniebean
    I think it's really hard for people to answer this- there's too many factors to take into consideration. How much savings, investments, etc... you have, what kind of retirement plan, what type of facility you work for, what kind of lifestyle you want to have (conservative, travel, etc), if you have kids (and how many). I dont think nursing differs from too many other fields in the sense that it matters more on the person and their planning, than on what field they are in.