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Hi All I'll be starting at VEEB in the Fall and was wondering if there are any current or past VEEB students that can give some info on this program. What are the Teachers like? What are the... Read More

  1. by   tintin079
    sorry for all the typos I was typing really fast.
  2. by   tintin079
    Do you know anyone that dropped out.
  3. by   bmommy2
    Got my orientation letter today and it is scheduled for Monday June 22 8am sharp! Does anyone know if I am better off paying for the books though Veeb or going elsewhere. My letter said Approx. $500.00 for books.. Just wondering if I can get ffrom a book store or online for cheaper( if it is a small difference than I will save my time and buy through veeb).
  4. by   prospectivestudent
    I received mine to!:spin: To save time I will probably just buy them the day of orientation. See u soon bmommy2 and to everyone else congrats. And to those still trying don't give up!
  5. by   Sekouzer
    Hey everyone, I've been watching these posts since feb when I took the Nelson Denny Test. I was kind of worried about joining the post and not getting in. I got my acceptance letter and now got my orientation letter. I will be with you guys down in june 22. My friend who lives literally five houses down from me took the test at the same time and also got in. We are in the Elmont, LI area if people want to create study groups when class starts (and carpooling). Message me if intersted.
  6. by   Miaizon
    No response yet from Veeb I'm still on the wait list for the bridge program!! So frustrating! Looks like I'll be trying again in!
  7. by   rnhopefully09
    Hey Miaizon dont get discouraged... I too was on the waiting list for the bridge. She told me they send the letters out as they get new spots.. some people cant make 5pm-9pm Mon-Thur...a lot of people have kids, and a job among other things.
  8. by   NY-Mom
    Happy mothers day!!
  9. by   lidowest
    VEEB JUST CALLED ME !!! I have the interview for the bridge tomorrow at 10am !!!! IM SOOOOOOO EXCITED. Do i need to bring anythign specific besides myself? :0)
  10. by   NY-Mom
    Yay!!!!! I'm so happy for u lidowest! I didn't bring anything to the interview but u should call them to make sure, our study group is on! LOL
  11. by   bmommy2
    congrats lidowest
  12. by   NurseGurl09
    Congratulations, LIDOWEST!!! I forgot, did you end up taking the BOCES exam?
  13. by   Grindin26
    Quote from tintin079
    Hey out there...I have to pay my downpayment but I was getting scared because I herad the at the program is really hard. anyone is on the program now? How is it? Will I be fine. Do you think they will still take my downpayment.....I will do it on Monday..... What do you guys think???
    It's hard as far as the amount of material. Most of the material though is very straightforward, and you won't always get away with cramming. It honestly feels like highschool.

    Its basically all memorization. Make sure you can commit at least 3 hours studying your notes before each exam.

    The people I've seen get dropped, slacked in the beginning and didn't care until they were on thin ice. And sometimes it was due to them concentrating too much on pharmacology, and too little on the other subjects.

    And to the guys, not to rain on your parade or anything. But like half the males have gotten dropped, lets just say some got "distracted" and some let the "tough" guy, too "cool" to study act get in the way.