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Hi All I'll be starting at VEEB in the Fall and was wondering if there are any current or past VEEB students that can give some info on this program. What are the Teachers like? What are the... Read More

  1. by   praise2u
    Did anyone test on 2/19 and still not get their results yet?
  2. by   NY-Mom
    I tested on 2-11-09 and I still didn't get anything!
  3. by   geo2009
    well I hope they send us letters saying they have their 200
  4. by   akmada
    I tested on 2/9 and got the result on 3/9 and i sent the reference letters on 3/16, i called yesterday inquiring about to when to bring in the $1500 deposit they said " be patient they will send it to you" Any from the Freeport area ? or brooklyn. I hope you all get the good new.
  5. by   akmada
    A friend of mine who tested on 2/19 got her passing score the same day i got mine
  6. by   bmommy2
    Still waiting for the acceptance letter!!! :thnkg:
  7. by   bmommy2
    Hey NYMOM,,,did u stop in Veeb to ask?
  8. by   Yolettie3469
    AKMADA - I just moved from Freeport about a week ago. It's been two weeks since I handed in my reference letters and I was told then that it would take a few weeks.

    I just need to get to the office to change my address to make sure I receive the acceptance letter or hope the post office forwards it. =/ :redpinkhe
  9. by   NY-Mom
    hey guys, well I got my scores back, I got a 13.0 in reading and a 8.3 in math, the requirement is 9.0 since I came so close I am eligible for the bridge program, I am definetly going to do the bridge God willing, I have to go in on April 7th for an interview, the bridge is a summer remedial class and once u are done u take the test again, so I will be studying math like crazy from now to then, anyone ever taken the bridge?
  10. by   bmommy2
    Hey NYMOM I thought they were not having the bridge program this year...The lady who tested us on 2/17 said no bridge this year,,hmm,,they cant make up their minds...sorry to hear about the math,,and happy to hear u will take the bridge,,,are they interviewing u for the bridge only or did they decide to do interviews this year even though they said they weren't...Crazy!!!! At least your mind can be at rest with the test scores,,,now round two!!!
  11. by   praise2u
    Yes I am taking the bridge also. Interview on 4/8/09.
  12. by   Grindin26
    I figured they would do the bridge, since its money lost if they didn't. It was 500 last year. Is it still the same price now?

    And from what I've heard the bridge actually goes over material given in the 1st semester as opposed to actually completely reviewing for the re-take.

    As you would imagine it caused a lot of disappointment when people didn't fare better on the re-take.

    Man, VEEB is a mess :chuckle
  13. by   NY-Mom
    Hey grindin, so did a lot people fail the retake last year?? Do u know if the retake is harder than the first? Or is it the same?