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Hi All I'll be starting at VEEB in the Fall and was wondering if there are any current or past VEEB students that can give some info on this program. What are the Teachers like? What are the... Read More

  1. by   prospectivestudent
    ny mom u and i are definiately gonna be in a study group together i got u from one mom to another
  2. by   prospectivestudent
    male nurse ur funny lolololol
  3. by   NurseGurl09
    I have another question about the math (sorry! lol) Are there alot of questions like changing fractions into decimals into percents and back again?
  4. by   prospectivestudent
    not really the most is just putting it in lowest terms like 6/12 = 1/2 it easy you all are make too much of the questions they are easy its just you have to move quickly to get through all of the easy questions u use the scrap paper to write the questions out because you cant write in the test booklet so u just have to write fast and they only give you 2 pieces of scrap I ask the proctor for 3 pieces of paper and she told me no lololol she is mean she told me if I needed mor during the test I could raise my hand and she would bring me one but I'm thinking if we have 35 min to do 40 questions why would I wanna waste a minute on her bringing me an extra piece of paper. . . . .she is soooo mean so for the record its a 2 piece scrsp paper minium lolololol
  5. by   NurseGurl09
    OMG LOL that is so messed up! I like to use alot of scrap paper. If she is mean, I will prob be too afraid to ask for I'll prob end up erasing and writing over on the scrap paper LOL j/k but seriously *** is the big deal for them to give more than 2 pieces?? Thanks for the heads up!
  6. by   rnhopefully09
    does any one know if veeb has internship programs. Or know of a good job to have while attending
  7. by   xxbklynpnoyrxx
    hi taking the entrance exam on thursday..they said i could use my passport instead of my birth certificate..has anyone else done this there or did they turn it getting nervous about the test..i have been studying alot for it but i get nervous during test time..can anyone tell me how difficult the math and vocab part was.. vocab is my weakest subject and studying prefixes and suffixes is giving me a headache..and help would be fine to get my anxiety down
  8. by   prospectivestudent
    xxbklyn red the previous posts for exam questions but I overheard one of the ladies in the off ice say that you have to bring your passport from the country that you are originally from so just call them to make sure cause I seen someone get sent home and not alloed to take the test because of the improper passport good luck to u the test is fair, its not too hard or too easy
  9. by   prospectivestudent
    did anyone get there exam scores yet whether pass or fail??? I have not but just wanted to know I'm having anxiety cause I want my scores so badheartbeatbanghead:
  10. by   NY-Mom
    hey prospective, i have not recieved my results yet, but i feel sooooo anxious too!!!!!!!
  11. by   Malenurse20
    Student and mom I'm sure the results will come like first week of march. Intergers fractions and decimals no word problems right. Test is monday don't wanna review anything that I don't need.
  12. by   DRIVEN09
    No not yet, i think by the first week in march we should have them. If not i'm calling...
  13. by   DRIVEN09
    No internship @ veebs. Look into a doc. Office.