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  1. I would like some feedback from any nurses who live in NYC and who are traveling nurses in NYC as well. How do assignments work and do you still get a rent stipend even if you reside in the city?
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  3. by   TrvlRN still get a living stipend if your prefer. You just tell your recruiter that you will not need housing. You will then get the stipend which is averaging $2000-$3000/mo for NYC hospitals.
    If you live,however a certain distance from the hospital, you will be also given a 'Travel Allowance" which is around $600 per assignment.That you can use for tolls,parking, etc.
  4. by   graceland
    wow, that sounds great. Do you know the names of any NYC agencies for traveling nurses?

    thank you for the info!
  5. by   TrvlRN
    Cross Country Trav corp has the exclusive contracts to NYU,NY Cornel and NY Pres. What hospital are you looking into specifically?
  6. by   graceland
    thanks this is very helpful. i am considering an RN career, i will start prereqs this summer, then attend Pace accelerated program. My understanding is that a new RN must work one year before being eligible to become a travel nurse.
    I like the idea of changing assignments, but living in one area. The RNs I work with now speak highly of the option and say it also pays well--What are the pros and cons for you? any info is appreciated! THANKS!