Transferring Nursing Schools w/in NY

  1. If a nursing school (BS) that a transfer plans to switch over to requires that s/he send a high school transcript, must the transfer go back and ask his/her high school counselor, or does the transfer's current school have a copy of that? Sorry it's a bit of a stupid question, but I just wanted to make sure since I'm asking for a close family friend of mine, so any help would be appreciated.

    (I posted this on the General Nursing Student Discussion section already, but wanted to also post it here in case policies differ from state to state, since the family friend is planning to transfer from a school in NY to another school also in NY.)
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  3. by   girls1
    From What I Know, Any Transcripts Submitted To A School Must Be Official Transcripts. This Means That They Should Come Directly From The School (in This Case The High School) Attended. Usually You Can Call The High School And Have Them Forward The Official Transcripts Directly By Mail, Or You Can Go To The School And Have Them Give It To You To Mail Or Take To The New School. At Any Rate, The Official Transcript Will Have A Seal To Prove It Is From The School In Question And The Envelope It Is Placed Into Must Be Sealed And Stamped On The Outside (to Prevent Tampering).
    Your Friend Should Just Call Her Old High School And Give Them The Address Of The New School And The Name Of The Person To Whom The Official Transcript Must Go To.'
    Good Luck To Your Friend!
  4. by   NailaRN
    She said thanks!