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I'm trying to find information on the actual time commitment involved in Downstate's accelerated program. I know what the credit allotment is but I wanted to know how much time a student will... Read More

  1. by   jujufireal
    I have not gotten my stuff done yet gonna get on it tomorrow though did you get anything done yet Salsava
  2. by   VLiz625

    The BLS certification course was two days from around 5:30pm to 9:30pm. I did it with the American Heart Assoc. at Bellvue Hospital. If you call them they will give you a list of courses in your neighborhood. I hope this info is useful. :spin:
  3. by   jujufireal
    Has anyone completed the hippa stuff
  4. by   VLiz625
    I finished the HIPPA training. It was sooo tedious and took like a week to complete because I kept saving it and going back into it. Each section of the test has extra sections and topics in it. Way too long!
  5. by   VLiz625
    Does anyone know what room the NET is going to be in?? I've been calling the school and even the dean but I get no response. The yellow sheet indicates the room "TBA." I haven't gotten any info on the room or what building. If anyone knows, please pass on the info. Thanks!!!

  6. by   jujufireal
    Not sure which room. You could call security and ask for the room of buliding TBA
  7. by   nycguy
    I too am unsure of the room or building for the NET test this Friday. I'm going to call the school tomorrow. If I find out the location of the test, I'll post it here. Otherwise, I'll find out from security on Friday morning. (if anyone else finds out, please post it here).

  8. by   Curls105
    I spoke to someone at the school and they said it was in Lecture Hall 6. I assume that's in the main school building? I'm really surprised we haven't gotten any additional info on this. Can't wait to meet everyone tomorrow!

  9. by   Curls105
    ps. The Hippa thing was very long and tedious! Definately took longer than 2 hours.
  10. by   jujufireal
    The test will be in lect hall 6 BSB
  11. by   Salsava
    Hello All,

    Well the "test" is over! With the exception of nycguy, my apologies for not calling out anybody's name today. I could not remember the email names so I've decided to write them down and come prepared on Monday.

    See you then and make the most of this weekend people!!!!

  12. by   jujufireal
    Yeah glad that is over with and Sal i will make the maost of it
  13. by   kimvymai
    I am in California and thinking about going to New York for the Accelerated Program. What is this Sunny States School and how to apply. Thank you