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I'm trying to find information on the actual time commitment involved in Downstate's accelerated program. I know what the credit allotment is but I wanted to know how much time a student will... Read More

  1. by   Salsava
    Hi Katie,

    Hi Katie,
    My name is Sal and I just got accepted into the Accelerated program at Downstate and I start in June. I keep hearing so many negative things about the program but I'm trying to ignore them and gauge the experiences on my own. with that said, i do have to pay attention to the common gripes that keep coming up. Will you be around in June for orientation?
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  2. by   nycguy
    Congrats Sal (and everyone else who was accepted into SUNY Downstate). I too was recently accepted and will start the acclerated program in June. I work at a local hospital, and from what I hear, SUNY Downstate's School of Nursing is excellent. Plus, you can't go wrong with their reasonable tuition.
  3. by   Salsava
    Hi nycguy: You really can't go wrong with the tuition and the location (for me as I live in BK). So, I guess I'll be seeing you at orientation. I currently work part-time at a law firm on evenings and I hope I can keep this gig when the semester starts. Let's keep in touch.

  4. by   Curls105
    Hi NYC guy and Sal!

    I'm starting the program at Downstate in June as well. Can't wait to meet everyone!

    ps. Have you guys done the BLS certification yet?
  5. by   nycguy

    I completed BLS certification last month. I took the course at an institute in lower Manhattan called Training for Life. The instructor was very good (and there was lots of practice). FYI, there's a multiple choice quiz at the end of the course but it's easy.
  6. by   Salsava
    Hi Kristen, Congratulations. I'm currently doing it now with the Red Cross at BMCC.

  7. by   jujufireal
    hey I asm stsrting downstate in the fall, kind of nervous. Does anyone have any info on the Nursing entrance exam the we will sit on Jun 1.
  8. by   jujufireal
    Sorry, starting Downstate in the summer any tips on how to survive an accelerated nursing program
  9. by   Curls105
    Hi jujufireal!

    I am starting this summer as well and am starting to feel pretty nervous and excited. I have no idea what this test is going to be like. It's called a "placement test" so maybe they are just trying to get a basic idea as to where we are to target students who may need extra help. I'm nervous about it since I like to study for tests and be really prepared and have no idea what to study for it. I'm also not great in math so I'm worried about that as well. I know that last year they didn't give the test but one fifth of the class failed/dropped out of the program the first summer. Where do you live? Feel free to PM me if you want to chat!

  10. by   nycguy
    Future fellow classmates,

    I have not heard anything about the nursing entrance exam. I see it mentioned on the yellow must do list but the only info I recieved thus far is about orientation, which is June 4th. Please let me know if you find out any details about the exam. I too am nervous yet excited about starting the program. (feel free to PM me).

  11. by   jujufireal
    Thanks NYCGUY
  12. by   VLiz625
    Hello all,

    My name is Vanessa and I will starting the accelerated BSN program at downstate in June as well. I am hoping to get to know some folks before I start the program!! I wanted to reach out to Curls105, JuJufireal, nycguy and salsava. I see that you guys will be starting the program and I hope we can chat prior to this. Can't wait to see you guys in two weeks!!

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  13. by   Salsava

    How long was the BLS certification class? I have been in a class all semester and I just found out that the certification has to be with American Heart. My class was with Red Cross.

    Have you gotten all of your stuff done yet? Stuff meaning the yellow sheet kinda stuff.