Summer Externships 2013 - page 3

Hello All,I am very new to this website and it really warms my heart to see everyone helping and consoling each other.I am a junior nursing student and I am interested in doing an externship over the... Read More

  1. by   Scooby-Dooby-Doo
    Well, I decided not to apply for the NYP because of "technical difficulties." Anyway the applications close tomorrow at midnight. Good luck for all of those who are applying. I did apply to the NSLIJ summer externship though.
  2. by   toussaint03
    Good luck and keep your fingers crossed!
  3. by   tendrlovencare
    Hi All.. I applied for the LIJ Nurse Externship as well. Did anyone hear back for an interview yet????
  4. by   toussaint03
    I actually interviewed with them yesterday..I was soo noervous!! Hopefully all goes well. I believe they are still making calls because my friend called yesterday and set up an interview for today so I believe there is still time. Hopefully they will give you a call!
  5. by   toussaint03
    *sorry I meant to say my friend got called yesterday
  6. by   AC92
    I know you all applied last year but how long did it take to hear anything back? I applied this year but have heard nothing so far. Thanks!
  7. by   skier14
    I applied this year too, and haven't heard anything either. They started interviewing for the externships already. I know someone who went for an interview last week.
  8. by   AC92
    That's very frustrating. any idea when they officially make decisions? Are you from long island?
  9. by   skier14
    Yes I'm from Long Island. I was very frustrated too. I've volunteered at a hospital in the North Shore-LIJ system for a year and a half, and I was hoping to at least get an interview. I'm not sure when they're making the decision, but I can try to find out from my friend.
  10. by   AC92
    I'm not from Long Island and I'm afraid that's hurting me. I emailed the recruiter last week about the status of my application but have not heard back. What year in nursing school are you? I graduate in December.
  11. by   skier14
    I graduate in May 2015. I emailed the recruiter too and heard nothing back.
  12. by   AC92
    Fingers crossed they just haven't reviewed our applications yet! Let me know if you hear back. I'm gonna give it a few more weeks before I start really getting discouraged.
  13. by   skier14
    I lost all hope a couple weeks ago lol. I'll let you know if I hear anything though, or if I find out any details from the girl I know who interviewed.