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  1. by   Jayleen2012
    I am scheduled for the Hesi this Thursday. Is there Science on the exam as well? I was only able to Purchase the Kaplan book and I do not know what is in Chapters 1-4 of the Evolve Reach book.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have a full course load at the moment and do not want to waste time studying for a subject that wont be covere.
  2. by   Mcflea
    No Science on the HESI. Basic math, reading comprehension, and vocab. They even provided calculators.
  3. by   Gsx-r sweetie
    Hey... Im taking the Hesi exam soon. got everything down but alittle confused about the math conversions. do they just ask you like for example how many quarts are in a gallon or do they want you to actually solve the conversion by multiplying or dividing?????
  4. by   LM NY
    Hey sweetie, I just answered your question in the other thread, but I will repeat it here too. You will be asked to do the conversions, whether it be multiplying or dividing.
  5. by   axander
    Hey guys,
    I applied to st. paul's for the sp'2013(still waiting to hear back). I wanted to hear what their current students have to say about the school. I know nursing school is tough. I wanted to know if the professors were helpful,fair and available for help. I also wanted to know if the tests were ever curved.
    Thank you
  6. by   Jayleen2012

    I am writing because I have been accepted into the Spring 2013 program and I am trying to get a feel of what the schedule will look like. I will only be taking the nursing courses as I have already taken the other courses. Any schedule descriptions will help me out. Thanks in advance.
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  7. by   LM NY
    If you check out the thread St Paul's school of nursing January or spring 2013 you will see a sample schedule.Question: does the admissions representative only call you if you've been accepted or do they also call to let you know you haven't been accepted. Thanks!
  8. by   bluesquares
    No job as of yet. Graduated last May and passed my boards in June. I searched vehemently for about 3 months and decided to jump back into my BSN @ Chamberlain. It is very expensive but I really enjoy it. Much easier and I don't have to deal with the hassle of traveling. Getting an RN position with an ASN is going to be a challenge. Practically every hospital I have applied at is BSN preferred. Even my own hospital, which I have worked at for 5 years won't hire me right now. But it's not impossible, I know of other students who have found work. Some even in hospitals, but thats in the minority though.

    My advice is to not worry about that now, just concentrate on finishing. Try to plan ahead though, externship, internship, networking. Also, being already enrolled in a BSN program looks better on your resume than not, it shows incentive in continuing your education.

    GL fellow St. Pauls students.
  9. by   Primadon22
    @BluesquaresHave you been applying for only hospitals? I am wondering about nursing homes and other locations. Do you think the problem is the school you graduated from or is it specifically because they want BSN? Did you do an externship when you were attending St. Paul's? Sorry, I am starting SPSON in 2 weeks and I am so nervous about finding a job in 2 years. A friend of mine also graduated in June and still no position. It's scary to have so much money in loans and not finding a job.
  10. by   bluesquares
    Mostly hospitals, I would rather not work in a NH. There is nothing wrong with it but it is just a personal preference. Also, I have heard that many hospitals do not consider NH experience to be comparable to actual clinical/hospital experience. I don't think SPSON has any weight on my job hunting experience. Although I would not be aware since no one has specifically pointed that out. They have pointed out that such and such hospital is BSN preferred.

    I really think ASN programs will be fazed out in a few years and BSN will become the new standard. You are thinking on the right track though, definitely invest in an externship program as well as planning to get your BSN as soon as possible.
  11. by   nike33
    Hmm.Im starting my second year in January.I felt the first semester was fairly easly. If you give an average effort you can get an A in all your classes. With SPSON I can tell you one thing is that you have to be PROACTIVE since day one. I wasnt so much in my first year but God willing I will try to be in this coming year. We can tend to become passive but sometimes you have to fight for your rights, even with the administration. But if you do your part 110% you won't have to resort to that.Try to stay on top,plan way ahead and always keep a cool head. Don't leave anything to last minute whether it be for studying for an exam,handing in an assignment, or doing any admin work( eg FAFSA ).

    Second semester was tough especially the long clinical hours but whatever,it needs to be done. Do research interships/externships from the get go as bluesquares mentioned.It will be a big advantage.Talk with teachers/classmates/ build strong relationships,overlook faults. Try to be active in the Nursing Club. Extracurricuar activites,research if possible. Try to be creative so you can stand out, especially when you apply for that hard to find job.I've have come across some highly motivated people.

    @bluesquares. If you have any advise for the final year please let me know. Any exit exam tips, NCLEX tips, and post grad info. Thank You in advance. All the best for the furture and you will definitely get what you are entitled to.
  12. by   bluesquares
    I think the first year was the hardest for me. Everything else was simply going through the motions. I already had my pace set and I knew the kind of work I needed to put in to get the grades I wanted. For my semester the school paid for our KAPLAN as well as our HURST NCLEX reviews. I hear that they are trying to get the students to pay on their own for those courses.
  13. by   BGal23
    @bluesquares I am happy to actually hear from a graduate from spson. All the negative comments about the school was making me nervous. Do you have any idea what school they have agreements with for our bsn?? Also, I was researching where I would be able to do my externship and everywhere I researched seems to want you to be enrolled in a bsn program. Do you knw of any places where I would be able to go?? Thanks!!