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Hi, I am applying to Saint Paul's School of Nursing for the Spring Semester that begins Jan 3, 2012. Anyone else?? :yeah:... Read More

  1. by   Primadon22
    I took the hesi the first week of July, I was #15 on the waiting list for September. Unfortunately, I didn't get in for September but I do have my spot for January. My advisor told me the acceptance letters go out the end of October. To get a head start, go get a physical done at the doctors office, make sure your up to date on your immunizations. Your going to need $500 for a deposit, which the want ASAP. It's exciting! Are you going for day or night classes?
  2. by   kcolgan
    Ugh end of Oct, I hate waiting. Yes I will def go get my physical thats a good idea. I would like to be in the morning session. How about you?
  3. by   Primadon22
    I am taking the morning classes. Now I am just trying to enjoy my freedom even though all I want to do is start.
  4. by   julezrulez
    HI! I'm from SI.
    I was thinking of applying to St Paul's School of Nursing if I don't get into the nursing program at CSI since it's soo competitive there. I have a pretty good GPA, but I'm pretty sure it's not good enough...
    How was the application process for St Paul's? Did you get in right away? If you were put on a wait list, did you still get a spot in the school? My dream is to become an RN and I'm not letting anything stop me! I've had a tough year at CSI, I really don't like the environment there and all. I think St. Paul's is the school for me because I want to become an RN the fastest way I can. I hate that I may be wasting my time with my pre-reqs here because I might not even get into the CSI nursing program.
    Also did anyone take out loans to pay for tuition? Because the tuition is pretty high...
  5. by   Primadon22
    Julezrules,Your best bet is to apply now for September because I am pretty sure with classes starting in less than a month that they are all filled up. This school fills there seats quickly. RN program is 2 years, and there is no option to finish earlier. You can take summer classes, which will lesson your course load but that's it. The process is like this:Call, schedule when you can go in and take the pre-entrance exam (extremely easy), then they will tell you to schedule the Hesi, which I think came to $100 with the book. After taking that exam (you find out immediately), your admission advisor will call you and let you know they are sending out the application package. It is background check, medical forms, drug test. They will tell you to call immediately to leave a $500 deposit to hold your seat. After submitting all paperwork, they send your paperwork to the review board. Once your officially accepted you will go in and meet with financial aid. I applied in July, I was out on waiting list for September, but I am starting January. Even though I submitted everything in July, my official acceptance letter did not come until the end of October. Good luck with everything!
  6. by   fall2013
    Quote from natnat122
    I am applying to Saint Paul's School of Nursing for the Spring Semester that begins Jan 3, 2012. Anyone else??
    I got in for fall 2013. This school should not be bad. I work at a hospital in Mineola, NY (yes, the only hospital in mineola), and I know nurses who went to this school. All of them obviously turned out more than alright, they have jobs. Some of them are now charge nurses or assistant nurse managers or they teach clinicals in other schools like Molloy College or Adelphi University after getting their bsn and master's degree. I found out about this school from them. They said that it will not be easy because of the work load, but it is doable, they are the living proofs. They said not to take it lightly because it is hard just like other nursing programs offered by other schools. I have co-workers who are also in nursing programs in other schools/universities and it is also a struggle for them. They tell me stories of their classmates withdrawing classes/dropping out because of failed exams. They take off from work and study for days just for one test. Whatever school you go to if it is the nursing program you are in then it will be hard, that is already given. Most of my co-workers are in school for nursing and they do not have a social life. You cannot hang out every weekends, you need to constantly be reading. I would see them bring their books or notes and they read it on their breaks. The program is not a joke, if you do not put time to study then expect to fail.
  7. by   leenas
    Hi! I got accepted into Fall 2013 also,
    Just out of curiosity I was wondering if you have any information about the school not being accredited? As I am about to attend the program I just got a little worried.

  8. by   leenas
    Hey @nike33
    Did you have any trouble getting into a BSN program or finding a job?

  9. by   livelovefierce
    hello I am new to all nurses, how is st Paul so far?
  10. by   dreag87
    This school is such a joke!!! First off their customer service is HORRIBLE!!! Your lucky if you get to speak to a live person. The staff there comes and goes like a revolving door so be prepared to be bounced around between advisors. It's way to expensive for a school that IS NOT nationally accredited (CCNE) and whose credits don't even transfer to other colleges; besides ... Read more..
    those who they have agreements with.

    My acceptance letter stated I was admitted for Fall of 2013. When I went to pay my $500 deposit to hold my classes, the told me I will start in Spring of 2014!!! How misleading is that?? Thank God that the other school I was accepted to was able to enroll me at the last minute. When I called St. Paul's to ask for a refund, they inquired as to Why? I explained to them that I was misled about my intended start date and I was not willing to take the semester off. Her response, "Ok, I'll process your refund today." No apology no explanation. ***THIS SCHOOL DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR STUDENTS ONLY THEIR POCKETS*** And it took them 4 weeks to get my $500 refunded. Long story short Nursing is a great career if the foundation is solid. I know its tempting but beware of these pop up, fly by night, accreditation-PENDING, we accept everybody nursing schools. Do your research, check out the curriculum, compare prices, look up the pass rates, ask about student-teacher ratio, check accreditation statuses, take the tours, read the reviews, talk to current students and alumni and find out the facts before you dive in. I live in LI and I ended up going to school in NJ (I won't mention the name bc I don't want to sound bias) But the experience from the very beginning was nothing like I had dealt with at St. Paul's. I am so happy here it almost brings me to tears when I think about. With all the nursing schools in NY, I truly believe this is the school God intended for me to go to. The staff is just wonderful, curriculum is highly organized, same teachers for 10+years and the upperclassmen are so helpful. Wherever you decide to go just remember this will be your home away from home for the next 2-4 years. Choose wisely!!!!
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  11. by   Adonai Adonai
    Dreag87, sorry that your experience with St. Paul's was so negative. I'm a fourth semester student about to graduate in a month. I had an awesome time the last 2 years at SPSON. My admissions process was quick. I had everything ready, was proactive when it came to getting the next thing done that was in the admissions checklist and so I was in with no hiccups along the way. Most of the students had the same experience I did. But as usual positive experiences are usually not shared as readily as negative experiences. As far as teachers, they are awesome! I learned so much from my med surg, peds, OB, psych professors. Again, every school has good teachers and some bad ones. The bad ones weren't really that bad either. But what happens is that people quickly blame those teachers for why they didn't do well, whereas a good student will do fine regardless of the teaching style of a single professor. The school isn't going to hand you a diploma because you paid so much. It's a tough program. Might be easy to get in but the class I started with is only left with a little less than 50% with another 30 or so who won't be graduating. It's a small school so yes the library isn't anything to write home about but it's useful if you use the resources available. They have tutoring and academic coaching to help you out when you struggle. One of the best things about the size being small is that literally every faculty and administration staff remembers your name and more.

    Whatever school you decide to go to make sure you work hard. No one is "entitled" to anything. You gotta work your butt of for the degree and then some.

    Hope this help, good luck with your nursing education!
  12. by   a&p-ismyhell
    What school did u end up attending?
  13. by   Terryann1201
    Thnx guys for responding, but I couldn't log on to campus link. However, I got the official call this afternoon that I got accepted. Good luck to everyone else who's waiting to hear the good news. Keep your heads up.��