St. Mary's Children's Hospital, Queens

  1. Hi, does anyone currently work at St. Mary's Children's Hospital in Queens? If so, do they accept ADN/RNs? How is there working environment? Any information on salary and benefits would be helpful. I'm interested in going into Pediatric nursing. Thank you.
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  3. by   nina_RN
    hi there.. i remember trying this place around mid last year.they have a hiring center in elmhurst queens too.i spoke to a recruiter over the phone, and when i mentioned i was a recent grad,she was quick to respond that she won't take in new grads . If you are a RN w/ nursing experience, the degree may not matter. I hope you know that this hospital is for children w/ special needs. it never hurts to, call 'em up and find out.
  4. by   DeanaKay
    Thank you nina_RN. Are you currently working in Pediatrics right now? If so, how is it? Thanks again.
  5. by   nina_RN
    sorry for the late response.i was working for a while as a school nurse and was offered a home care pediatric position but chose to start on a med surg unit i recently got hired for at a hospital. have always enjoyed working around children.So, definitely see myself going back to specialize after gaining some acute care experience.
  6. by   DeanaKay
    That's great. Congratulations on the Med/Surg position. I'm sure you will be back in PEDS soon . Thank you for your input.
  7. by   DeanaKay
    Does anyone have any current info on this hospital? Starting salary, benefits, etc.?
  8. by   one.two.three
    Anyone have any information about the hospital?