SF to NYC transplant

  1. Hey:

    I was hoping to get some advice. So, I'm presently in my first year of nursing. I'm a CNII by my hospital's standards (post 6mo you become CNII) and in Feb i'll have a year in.

    I moved from NYC to San Francisco to start my career....a change in atmosphere...in a more controlled environment (patient ratio laws here). I did my BSN at NYU (holla NYU ;o) and now owe a ridiculous amount in loans. My issue is pay. I want to move back to NYC but doubt i could afford to live there and make my loan payments. (for whatever reason, bay area nurses make the most in the nation. i don't get it either...but hey i'm not complaining ;o)

    My questions are:

    1. What is the pay range for CNII in NYC?
    2. It's every other weekend plus a 4th shift a month?
    Do you HAVE to work every other or can it be every sunday or something like that?
    3. Does anyone know anything about the ED training program in NYP Cornell? I presently work in general surg / urology / ENT ...all with basic tele and cpo (no r/o MI). Would you recommend i start in the ED here or toss myself in and try for NYP or Bellevue?
    4. Who knows about the 15000 for every year you give to a city hospital (up to 30,000) payback for loans?

    help would be appreciated. sf is great, but to be away from everything that you call home is wearing on me. and the politics of my floor as well ;o)
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