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Hello . I am starting this thread for anyone who has applied for the fall 2012 start suffolkc.c.c. nursing program. I have applied for the Ammerman day program. I was hoping to find some company on... Read More

  1. by   Dollface4k6
    hey guys, i got a strange email today haha. it says that all nursing students have been assigned a nursing advisor and to check the bulletin board to see who you have been assigned to...

    did anyone else receive a similar email? considering i never received an admissions decision from them i find this strange haha. anyone who can shed some light on this, it would def be a big help!
  2. by   Alev123
    Hello Dollface4k6,

    I got the same e-mail. Are you currently a sccc student? I don`t know waht that mean?

    By the way what is your gpa?
  3. by   kmurt133
    Was that in your suffolk email or your personal email?
  4. by   Dollface4k6
    kmurt, suffolk doesn't have my personal email, i just use theirs for everything lol. so it was in my suffolk email. It's possible it just went out to all suffolk students, because I am a current student, but I was just wondering. And Alev, I have a Bachelor's Degree and have taken far more than just nursing pre-reqs at Suffolk (including Genetics and Calculus) so it would be hard to estimate my gpa from all the classes I've taken at the different schools, but at just suffolk, my gpa is a 3.8.
  5. by   IzziesMomma
    Congrats on getting accepted spicegrl Dollface, thanks for the heads up! I haven't checked my sccc e-mail in ages, but i just checked now and I have the same e-mail. I wonder if thats a good sign or if they just sent the e-mail to all sccc students. hmmmm.... Otherwise, I haven't heard anything from suffolk (or farmingdale )
  6. by   Dollface4k6

    thank you! and congrats to everyone who has gotten accepted to the lpn-rn!!!! the email probably went out to all current students, but we can think positive =) izziesmomma, have you tried going on to your oasis account through farmingdale? if you go on there you can check to see your application status. on friday mine changed, but i wanted to get an acceptance letter before i got excited haha. there's still so many schools who haven't sent notifications, hopefully we all hear back soon!!!!!
  7. by   Alev123
    You might be right Dollface, they may send to all suffolk students because sometimes they send e-mails for other majors. My major is liberal arts right now. And also did you apply to Stony Brook Nursing Program?
  8. by   Alev123
    Sorry, I just realized that you applied Stony Brook also. Did you hear anything?
  9. by   Dollface4k6

    I applied to Farmingdale (accepted), Molloy (no decision yet) Nassau (no decision yet) Suffolk (no decision yet) Stony Brook Accelerated 1 Year (rejected) and Stony Brook 2- Year (no decision yet). I wanted to keep my options open although I have a first and second choice that I'd like to go to! =) which schools did you guys apply to if not just Suffolk? I'm a current Suffolk student and really love it there. I've heard great things about their nursing program, so it's going to be a big decision for all of us!
  10. by   IzziesMomma
    Dollface, I have been checking oasis but it still says waitlisted which is what it has said for months now. Did yours change to accepted? If you don't mind my asking what did you get on the nln pax? I got a 132 composite score..not sure if thats good enough to get me in.
  11. by   Alev123

    Congratulations for your acceptance))

    Suffolk has a good nursing program, I hear good comments, too. I applied to Suffolk, Stony Brook and NYU. But I haven`t heard anything from any of them. It is so stressful
  12. by   Dollface4k6

    I got a 141 composite, not much higher than what you got! I had no idea about checking Oasis until the last few weeks! Haha, so I started checking and it said Waitlisted and then on Friday I got all sorts of new tabs and stuff and it said accepted, but I didn't know if I should go by that, so I waited and today I got the packet in the mail with my letter. I thought they were waiting til the last group took the PAX which was this past weekend, so I was very surprised to see it had changed on Friday! I was told they start at the top score and work their way down, so a 132 is a great score. I hope everyone hears back soon, waiting SUCKS haha
  13. by   IzziesMomma
    Great job on the pax and congrats on getting accepted, and yes I totally agree waiting sucks!!