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  1. Hello all, I am a nursing student at LIU, just started the prereqs this semester, working on a second degree, and am going to attend CNA school over the weekends. I was wondering what the average salary for a CNA in NYC is? Any differances in a Hospital based position versus a Nursing Home position. Thanks in advance for your response, Bill
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  3. by   nurse2btracy
    I am applying to NCC next semester for their nursing program. Where are you taking the CNA course? I am interested in the taking the class.

  4. by   bjlesm
    I am starting the CNA course at the Manhattan Institute starting Nov 5th, costs around $800, Sats and Suns 9-4:30 or so. Good luck with your search, just to let you know the Allen School is up to $1400 for the course, but they do have alot of schedule to choose from, such as mornings, evenings, Saturdays, as well as all day classes.
  5. by   abrenrn
    Did you look into nurse externship programs as opposed to paying for CNA school?

    While I was in nursing school, I got a job at NYU as an aide over the summer (they hired nursing students as long as they had completed some clinicals) - classmates worked at other hospitals - and continued part time during my second year. This was a while ago, but I'm almost positive many hospitals have such programs - it's a good recruitment method as many of the students employed as techs/aides/externs (whatever they choose to call it) go on to work for them as nurses.

    Check it out. Good luck.

    BTW, it was very good basic experience.
  6. by   MrsGPR
    Or you could find a nursing home that will train you free of charge. I trained at Nesconset Nursing Center (LI) 3 years ago, free, of course, and worked there for about 6 months. There is no contract to sign that says you MUST stay with the facility after they train you and you pass the state exam but it's the right thing to do. Nursing homes in general are pretty flexible with shifts, and yes, the work is hard, but Hey!, thats part of it (and it does get easier)... The salaries are acceptable (relatively).
    Also, hospitals are more apt to hire you if you have CNA training AND experience.
    Good Luck!!
  7. by   marinka
    I believe nursing homes pay less and hospitals a bit more, but I think it depends on institution. Would you have time to do that with 2 degrees? It requires commitment to several days a week. If part time, they will ask you to do weekends.
  8. by   marinka
    BTW, LIU pays $10+ for work study or being a mentor, while nurses aid is physically demanding job.