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Hello, future RN students! I couldn't find a thread on SPSN Fall 2018 so I'm starting one with lots of questions. How did everyone do on their HESI? Did anyone get an interview with the... Read More

  1. by   Lalala647
    Hi everyone, I got accepted mid July. I completed the drug test and background check. I am just waiting on my medical forms from my doctor and Bls certification (registered for it at the school). I am also trying to get credit for my english composition class and sociology class. The tuition is very high for an adn :/ I dont know how I am going to pay for the bsn in the future.
  2. by   Jb214
    I just received the call I am accepted for fall 2018 as well
  3. by   Shesamazing
    Quote from Jb214
    I just received the call I am accepted for fall 2018 as well
    Queens or Staten Island Campus??
  4. by   Shesamazing
    Quote from dwiss
    Does anyone know if they'll make you retake certain courses even if you have an associates degree?
    They accepted all my pre reqs from CUNY .. Eng 1 & 2 ... A&P 1 & 2 .... Psych 1 & 2
  5. by   Jb214
    Staten Island you?
  6. by   Shesamazing
    Quote from Jb214
    Staten Island you?
    Staten Island Campus
  7. by   Jb214
    Did anyone get their schedules yet?
  8. by   Shesamazing
    not yet, I was told from current students some time they wait till the first week of school to let you know. Smh they are very late with things. I just got an Email for orientation.
  9. by   Jb214
    Until the week of school? I need to tell my job when I can and can't work... lol.... I got that email too I'll see ya there !
  10. by   Nurse2Be2120
    Hello all,

    I passed my HESI back in June (math 97 and Eng 89), handed in my medical, signed the enrollment form to begin September 4th, but was told I'd receive a call sometime mid July. I received a letter in the mail advising I was currently on the waitlist with an end date of August 31 (meaning I should hear back by then) and as an alternative, could consent to send my application to the Staten Island location.

    I received an offer for the night classes last week for Queens, but unfortunately, because my understanding when I signed up was that enrollment was for DAYTIME I switched work schedules to accommodate it and can't switch back. :sad face:

    Sooooo.. My question is, has anyone waited longer than 1 additional semester to be offered another seat? If so, how long did it take to get a seat (specifically for daytime in Queens)? I'm becoming anxious and looking into other schools because I don't want to waste any time and praying I'm not making a mistake by putting all my eggs in one basket!

    Thanks for listening!
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  11. by   ChristopherD
    Good afternoon everyone!

    I just received the email to schedule/confirm my interview with the campus president for next week!
    Any tips or pointers for the interview will be much appreciated!
  12. by   Naynaao
    I just had my interview with them this week. It wasn't nerve wracking. Just a simple discussion regarding why you want to pursue nursing, how you plan on getting through the program, and what you can offer. Also, what you've been doing thus far.
  13. by   ChristopherD
    Thank you for your help! I had my interview today. It was very calm and easy going. Good luck to all!