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  1. Hi, I am still in the beginning stages of returning to nursing school. I am starting my prerequisites in the spring. Anyway, I have been searching off and of for information on the average pay of nurses in general in Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas (Dansville, Canandaigua in particular). I am looking for information such as beginning pay for a brand new nurse, pay after working for 5 years or so, and pay later on in a nursing career. I am trying to compare hospital (which departments may pay better or are they are they all the same), versus office versus private duty, etc. etc. I have found various sites that have some information but not nearly as explicit as I would like. Would I be able to call the local hospitals and ask them general questions about pay? I know it would not be exact, but again I am just looking for some general information. Does this make sense? Can anyone tell me where would be a good place to begin?


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  3. by   mark3274
    to me the starting wages are not that great A GN in rochester will make about 20.50 to start.

    That is not that great but better than not being A RN at least in dead western NY.
  4. by   robpritc
    Hi Mark, Thanks for your input. What is the difference between a GN and an RN. I am assuming GN is "Graduate Nurse?"

    Right now I do medical transcription at home and on days when I have all good doctors (dictators), I make $20 an hour at least just staying home, but I have always wanted to go to nursing school, and I must say that med. transcription is just a "job" to me, which is fine, but I want a "job" that I enjoy and look forward to.


  5. by   mark3274
    Yes GN are new graduate that have not passed nclex yet.

    It's a shame nurses do not start off higher than about 20 an hour But I also think the Stong/VIa/Unity systems enjoy keeping the wages down also.