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    I was recently accepted into University of Rochester's accBSN-MSN program. I was wondering if anyone can tell me about the area and where I should look for a place to live. I want to live pretty close to the school. I have not decided on whether or not to bring my car. Do I need a car in Rochester? Is public transportation pretty efficient? Are the clinicals spread out throughout Rochester or mainly at the Schools affilated hospitials?

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  3. by   NPAlby
    My first question is where are you coming from? If you're from downstate (NYC) like myself, then: NO Rochester does not have adequate public transportation. If you have a car I would bring it. But there are buses to the major hospitals. U of R is affliated (owns/ or owned by) with Strong Memorial Hospital and you'll probably be doing your clinicals there. There is a lot of student/cheap housing near the school so you could prolly get a place that's within walking distance. I'm currently living in Rochester right now so if you have any questions feel free to PM me! Janet
  4. by   MIA-RN1
    I;ve lived in Rochester all my life. Yes, bring your car. Where are you from? If you are from somewhere warm, you will be learning how to drive in the snow!
    I think the U of R uses Strong and Highland hospitals. Near each other but definitely NOT walking distance.
    There are houses for rent to students all around the hospital but you will have to look because I don't know how often one actually opens up. There are many apartment buildings and houses to rent in and around Rochester. There are some REAL nice houses that are divided up into apartments in the Monroe Ave/Park Ave/East Ave areas and neighborhoods. Not totally close to the U of R but nice.
    I would call U of R student services and find out and maybe have them send you some local classifieds. Or search online too.
    The School of Nursing is really great. Helenwood Hall is pretty. I worked for them as the medical assistant for one of the high school clinics that the CNC sponsored.
    Here is a link to our newspaper:
    Maybe you can start with the classifieds there.
    or try:
    Good luck and welcome to Raa-chaa-chaa!
    EDIT: Watch what area you move too, Genesee street, West Ave, Plymouth Ave, and the parts of Mount Hope towards the city...maybe stay away from. South ave area is nice, near Highland Hospital where you'l probably do clinicals. There are more nice places than not-so-nice but you just want to know what you are getting before you sign the lease!
  5. by   lc3
    Thanks guys! I'm actually coming from Seattle, where there is tons of rain, but rarely snow. Although, this year has been a bit crazy weather. Hey what do you guys think about grad school housing?

    Oh thanks for those links coopergrrlRN!

  6. by   alli521
    I got accepted and am attending the accelerated BSN program. I have just started looking into housing and have to say that I am pretty pleasently suprised with all the housing that is available. Next to the nursing school and across from the hospital is an area they call, "white coat ghetto" or something liek that. Its called this because all med students and nursing students live there. Its a really nice neighborhood and there is a lot of housing available there. Are you def going to Rochester?
  7. by   RochesterRN-BSN
    Try Craigslist.........Uof R accelerated grad here myself in 2003--the first year they opened the program. I work at Strong/U Of R now in the Psych ER per diem and see you guys often when you come for clinicals and love working with students........maybe we'll meet sometime!! lol But let me know if I can help. I grew up around here and lived here all my life. As far as a car....I would suggest it. My partner's son tried to go to Monroe Community College using public transportation --the bus--and found it too unreliable--he often would be like an hour late d/t the busses running behind. There is housing within walking distance but like said already a little to far to walk to Highland their affiliate and you could have psych clinical time at Strong Ties a little farther away.