Relocating to Staten Island

  1. Hi I will be relocating to Staten Island Spring 2018. Just wondering if anyone has any information on the hospitals in the area.
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  3. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Can tell you what they are (native Staten Islander), so at least you'll know the score card.

    There are only two major hospital/healthcare systems on Staten Island.

    Staten Island University Hospital system (formerly Staten Island Hospital, Richmond Memorial Hospital, and South Beach Psychiatric Center)
    Part of Northwell healthcare system which is one of the largest and wealthiest (if that is the right word) hospital systems in New York City area. They stretch from Manhattan (Lenox Hill hospital uptown and downtown)out to Long Island and are moving into Brooklyn IIRC. Though located on the South Shore many Staten Islanders prefer going to this system for various reasons.

    Staten Island University Hospital - Wikipedia

    Richmond University Medical Center (formerly Saint Vincent's Hospital of Richmond)

    Located on the North Shore (Bard Avenue in West Brighton), RUMC has another campus in Stapleton, the former Bailey Seton hospital which once was a United States Public Health hospital.

    Richmond University Medical Center - Wikipedia

    Knowing this you might want to head over to and search employee reviews and so forth. This in addition to responses here.
  4. by   k.bee
    Awsome! Thanks for your response. That was really helpful. Do know anything as far as how hard it would be to get into theses facilities with experience? Or should I maximize my chances by applying to places such as Brooklyn. I searched a few hospitals in Brooklyn that's within 30-40 mins drive. And I assume these estimates would be without traffic. Do you know how traffic is like getting into Brooklyn.

    Also, what part of Staten Island would u recommend with good school systems for elemtary and middle school?
  5. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Staten Island University Hospital system is owned by Northwell (then North Shore - Long Island Jewish), which announced several years ago that all new hires across their system had to have the BSN. How that has played out cannot say since there is only one BSN undergrad on Staten Island (Wagner College), the others are ADN then RN-BSN (The College of Staten Island), or just ADN (St. Paul's).

    Am not qualified to give accurate advice on current working conditions and so forth for S.I. hospitals. You can Google and or search the archives of this forum for information. Also check out our local town newspaper (Staten Island Advance/

    As for schools, what are you looking for, public or private?

    By and large the better public pre-K to grade schools are Mid-Island and or on the South Shore (roughly area just north of Staten Island Expressway, and or south of it ), but this varies by neighborhood. High schools are another thing all together. Many parents will put their kids in private (religious or otherwise) high school after doing public grade school.

    How they scored: Top 1 Staten Island schools in reading, math |

    Staten Island Schools - Staten Island New York School Ratings - Public and Private

    Staten Island New York School Ratings and Reviews | Zillow

    Yes, nurses on Staten Island travel to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and even New Jersey. Know of a few that go from SI to Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn for instance.

    Traffic on Staten Island is a hot mess; especially the SIE (Staten Island Expressway). Your commute off and back to SI will largely depend upon how you choose to go and where you are going.

    Don't overlook lower Manhattan (New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital (formerly Beekman Downtown Hospital), as it is literally a short walk from South Ferry. NewYork-Presbyterian Careers | Job Search | Registered Nurse - RN - Emergency Department - Per Diem
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