Regret going to LIU nursing

  1. I am currently a third year nursing student. I have to say that now I wish someone warned me about how horrible the nursing program is here. Apparently some illegal things are occurring in this program, like counting the HESI to be 20% of the class grade when it should be 10%. I am ashamed to say that I do not completely know my practical skills in nursing. Therefore, I am spending time outside of classes to teach the material myself. I am just angry that I am paying a 30k school to teach me when in fact I am not learning a thing at all. I am now wondering jif I should transfer out of this nursing program or keep going. I ham looking for internships/externships but many require med surge classes. However, LIU only provides med surge classes in the third semester which makes me be excluded from many externships/ internship opportunities. If there is anyone out there that can give me advice on what to do, Please help!
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  3. by   limerick1913
    I graduated in December 2011. The program is what you make of it. I personally don't regret going to LIU one bit. In reality....employers love LIU graduates. I am currently working and I love it. Don't let anything get you down. Just roll with the punches and finish up the program. You're almost done........... I heard about what happened this semester but you have look beyond the negativity and embrace the positive. You've made it this far in the program and you will graduate. Don't let the negativity rule you.
  4. by   limerick1913
    Are you in the 190 level? or 390 level? It wasn't clear in your post.
  5. by   Female-intuition
    I graduated in Dec. 2011 as well. I don't regret going to LIU either. Yes, the program definitely have flaws and their curriculum can be better, but ALL LIU grads that I've spoken to has passed the NCLEX on their first attempt, so they must be doing something right. (I believe they have a 95-98% first time pass rate) And as for skills, I do agree with you that they do lack teaching in that aspect but teachers are only there to guide you. My advice is to Stick it out, you only have 1 more semester left!
  6. by   kelly lynn
    I recently just got into LIU NP's program, have any of you on here heard anything in regards to their Grad Programs?
  7. by   tracylynne79
    I recently graduated from a school in another state. First of all, every school is going to have its issues. That is just the reality of life and learning to adapt is a valuable part of the process that will ultimately help you become an overall better nurse and person. Second, time outside of class spent on learning is standard. I practiced for hours and hours outside of lab time. And skills will takes time and practice. And last, keep your head up. Don't waste time focusing on what the school doesn't do for you, but rather own and be accountable for your learning experience. No matter how flawed the program, it's up to you what you take from it!!!
  8. by   kmichellex
    i heard that you should stay farr far far away from this program..thanks for the tips. i wont be applying there. nyu is my top choice.
  9. by   wing1112ny
    Hi Kelly,
    I am interested in applying to LIU's FNP program, can you tell me how you like the program and pros and cons so far for you? Thank you!