Registering for the NY CNA exam

  1. I just graduated from a CNA class. Obviously, I'd like to take the state exam as soon as possible so I can start working. But if I register through the school I attended, it'll be about three months until I can take the exam (a month and a half to get a time for the exam, which should be about a month and a half after I receive the time). Is it possible to register on my own for the state exam? If so, will that speed up the process, or will it not make a difference? I'm specifically in NYC, if that matters.
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  3. by   NYRN08
    I know back in 1997 when I became a Certified Nursing class instructor where I was taking the course set up the paper test and the appt of someone coming into to do the bedside part of the exam. We never had to do it ourself. I live in the Hudson Valley area of NY.
    It could be that is just how your area done things. I wish you luck and hope you find the answer(s) that your looking for.
  4. by   Muttlover
    Hi, I just took my CNA exam on 12/29/08 (I passed! -- it was not hard.) You can contact Prometric -- they are the company that does the exams. They administer the written and skills test. The website is They have links to answer questions, and phone numbers listed. They might be able to help you. I took my exam on Long Island, NY. I know the city has more test dates than Long Island. Good luck to you!
  5. by   GMich
    I feel you pain. It took me 3 months to get my test date after finishing my class. I wish I would have signed up myself because a few of my class mates did and get a date in a month.

    Took my test on 12/30/08 and passed. Way to start the new year huh.
  6. by   dedream
    Ditto, I finished from my cna program back in November of 08, and waited two months to realise that my training facility never even sent my application into Prometric...I was so ******. I called up Prometric and the Rep encouraged me to have my payment reissued and send directly to Prometric, I got another application and had my training facility fill out their portion and I sent it in and that was it. I was told it would take a week to processed and that I can call to get my test date over the phone. I will be testing at a facility in manhattan, not my training program. My only issue now is to scout the facility to become comfortable with their equipment and I was told I can contact Prometric if I have any concerns or questions. I hope this helps. Good luck
  7. by   07dlouis
    How many wrong answers are you allowed to have in the written test part ? My test is in two weeks an i am very nervous . I am in New york by the way . How was the test ?