Questions about NYU BSN /MS program

  1. Hi fellow nursing students, I currently reside in AZ and I'm really interested in attending NYU's BSN/MS program. From what I read I understand there are no pre-reqs required if you're a transfer student (which I will be) I recently graduated high school a year early and never took my ACTs or SATs because I really didn't have time- so freshman entrance is out of the question & I start summer college this Monday. So instead, I figured I would go to school for a year and get some pre-reqs (from what I read on the freshman BSN program list) and apply for Fall 2010 program. The thing that confuses me, is NYU has some cultural classes that my university doesn't offer. I want to be in the best shape possible, so this is what my schedule looks like for the upcoming school year- Summer 09 - Intermediate algebra, intro to psych, Fall 09 A&P I , A&P II, Eng Comp I, Intro to University Success (I'm required to take it...), Spring 10 Microbiology, General Chemistry I, Human Developmental Psych, Statistics ,Summer 10 Nutrition, Intro to Sociology Do you think I will be a competitive enough student with those transfer classes? Also, are there any students out there who have transferred to NYU's program and can explain what their experience has been/ their GPA/ etc. I'm really interested in hearing back from you all!
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