Pre-entrance exam for Helene Fuld

  1. Hi everyone! I'm taking the test next week. I was hoping someone could give me info about the test. Did you find the test hard or easy? What should I focus on? Thank you for any information.
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  3. by   tdbRN
    I just took the entrance test last week 9/21. It was not very difficult, just basic nursing, all multiple choice, no calculators. First exam is writing: An essay, 2nd was reading comp, like junior high exam, 3rd was nursing, very basic, there is only one best answer and its staring you in the face if you have been a lpn long enough. 4th is Math, basic reading graphs, word problems, one or two pharm questions. The reading exam & math exam are in the same booklet so take a peak if you can.
    About 18 passed all 4 exams out of 55 or so. It is very basic, just study. I start Chem/Math Class Jan & RN Apr 07. Been on every waiting list in CA, tired of waiting and time to move to NYC. Good Luck!