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  1. So a little background info:I had my CNA license in another state (RI) back in 2011-2012. Since then, I've been working as a Direct Support Professional (taking care of adults with developmental disabilities) in various settings (group homes, day hab, pre vocational). I recently got my CNA license again in NYC through Hostos, however, I haven't had much relevant experience, as my work as a DSP doesn't technically qualify. I've been applying to all the hospitals for quite some time now.

    A recruiter from Lenox Hill Hospital called me 5/16 stating she was interested in my resume and would like to do a phone interview so I completed the phone interview the same day a few hours later. She seemed to like my answers as she told me she wanted me to interview with the Nurse Manager. She gave me info on orientation and the hours of the position and some basic info about salary and the company. She also said that they would train me for EKG and Phlebotomy, which I thought was great! I went to the interview and it was pretty straight forward. It was with the Nurse Manager, Assistant Nurse Manager, and one of the PCAs. The questions were pretty simple: Why do you want to be a PCA? What did your last role entail? What is your 5 year plan? The Nurse Manager and Asst Nurse Manager told me about opportunity for growth in the company and explained about the position. The PCA told me about the day to day and then gave me a tour of the unit. Afterwards, the nurse manager said she would check in with the recruiter to finish up interviews and she would touch base with me. I haven't heard anything since. I reached out to the recruiter the same day to ask for the nurse managers email to send a thank you note but she didn't respond. I sent her another email yesterday just asking if there's any updates on the position or anything I need to do and also thanked her for the opportunity. Still no response. Should I just accept that I didn't get the job or is this a typical time frame to not hear back? This was my first interview at a hospital so I'm not sure what to expect. To be honest, I was surprised I even got an interview as I don't exactly have experience in that type of setting. Anyone have any experiences similar or can shed some light? Thanks in advance!
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