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Hello everyone: I sent my application for Pace University earlier this year for the acc BSN program and I am still waiting for an answer as to whether or not I have been accepted. Is anyone else... Read More

  1. by   michellebk
    couple questions about pace:

    for the nyc campus, where do people usually live? i'm in cali so i thought id ask how things r done over there. is it possible to live in nj and commute? i havent heard anything about campus housing..

    is anyone still waiting to hear back? i called them today and they sed at the end of this month. the clock is ticking really slow... im pretty anxious.

    and as for being accepted: think very very hard before u turn something down! i got accepted to university of rochester, but i turned it down for various reasons.. and now i feel pretty screwed. ;]
  2. by   michellebk
    Quote from katd333
    Hi Everyone,
    I am currently finishing the CDP program at Pace in Pleasantville, so I can give you all the details you want.

    Let me know.

    Also, I plan to move to work and will be moving out of my apartment. I have a one bedroom in a houseshare with 3 other people. One of them is another nursing student at Pace. The rent is $417 a month and it's a huge house with a large family room, kitchen, washer/dryer, etc. If anyone is planning to move to the area to begin the nursing program and is interested in looking at the house email me. A former nursing student passed the room on to me and I saved soooo much money!!
    Hi Katd,

    I realize that this post is about a year old, but I thought id still ask some questions..

    I just got into the CDP program at Pace for Fall 2009. I don't know much about the school and their website doesn't provide much information, so I would really like to hear about your experience at the school.

    Couple questions:

    are there are any research opportunities for graduate students? and what hospitals is the school associated with? would you say the classes relevant and applicable to real life? are the professors helpful? and Lastly, is the school respected around the area?

    I don't know if there is a difference between the NYC campus and the pleasantville, but any input would be appreciated. sorry about the string of questions :imbar
  3. by   weebs21
    Hi all,

    I was just admitted to Pace's CDP program in NYC. I live in D.C right so have six weeks to find a place. Any suggestions on where it would be convenient (and not insanely expensive) to live? I am thinking Brooklyn or LES.

    Also, any people out there whop received the Helene Fuld Scholarship? I have some questions.


  4. by   michellebk
    i am looking at brooklyn area also. for the fuld scholarship--did you apply for it while you were applying for the program? i havent gotten my package yet so i don't know.
  5. by   weebs21
    I got the application for the Fuld scholarship with the acceptance letter. I hope you have gotten it by now! If not, I would just call the school and they can get you the material.

    BTW, they just told me I have to take a "math calculation" exam on aug 15 prior to the start of classes. Does anyone know what this covers???
  6. by   michellebk
    i just got the package today, but there were no applications. I guess I have to find it on my own.

    I don't know what the math test would cover.. I'm sorry. did they call you via phone? maybe some algebra and conversion problems?
  7. by   weebs21
    Hi Michellebk,

    Yuo can google the helene fuld trust and the application should come up - I just found it that way. You can call Maureen Anello 212-346-1716 with any questions about the test. the test dates are August 15, Sept 3 or Sept 5.

    I am moving from Washington, DC and just found a place to live in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Look forward to meeting you!
  8. by   michellebk
    Thank you for the info Weebs! I love dc.. you must be sad to leave it. I'm coming from LA. Look forward to meeting you too!
  9. by   kristanv
    Is it difficult to get into their BSN program? What is the GPA requirement? or what was yours if you don't mind me asking? I applying to them and I was curious