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I have been accepted to NYU nursing's accelerated second degree program starting in fall 2011. I know I want to get an MSN as well as BSN, and ideally would like to participate in a combined degree... Read More

  1. by   clarix89
    Where did you end up going for nursing school?
  2. by   ami9
    I don't know if you will see this. but what happened? did go to nyu or columbia? How was the accelerated program?
  3. by   Apackets
    Hello everyone, Wondering if you could share the credentials you had when you were accepted into NYU BSN program. Thank you!!
  4. by   Andrew H.Hsia
    NYU is much more expensive than Columbia. I went to NYU accelerated BSN for one semester. Columbia is not disorganized. The ETP program and specialty masters are all very good. the faculty are amazing.
  5. by   bestjobRN
    Quote from JoeNurseRN
    I don't think GPA is the main thing they look at. I got accepted last year into the accelerated BSN with a 3.1 GPA. I decided not to attend NYU and went to another school where I received my BSN in 12 months. Just graduated in August and already working in the ICU . BTW, I ended up with a 3.91 in my nursing program
    #JoeNurseRN where did u go to school for BSN?