NYU or Stony Brook's Accelerated Program?

  1. I was accepted to NYU and Stony Brook's accelerated BSN program. Which one should I attend? I'm torn because NYU is a prestigious University but it is sooooooo expensive. Will it make a difference which school I attend when Im applying for jobs? Please help!!! I have two weeks to make a decision.
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  3. by   shmitty3
    I am a second degree student. When I decided to pursue a degree in Nursing, I spoke with my friends Aunt who is head of a dept at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC. I asked her for her opinion on whether or not it matters where I go to school, if I just get my ASN or should I get a BSN. She told me that it really doesnt matter where you go to school. At the end what matters is if you pass your test or not. Personally if I was you I would go to Stonybrook and shed the cost. NYU is a prestigious school but Stonybrook has an amazing facility and reputation as well for nursing and medical program. Either way you look at it they are excellent schools but one is drastically cheaper. GO CHEAP!! Thats my motto.
  4. by   Curls105
    Go to Stonybrook. Everyone I have spoken to says that the most important this is to become an RN and it doesn't really matter where to you go to get it. The cost difference between the two schools is huge, there is no reason why you should have to pay that much money for undergrad if you don't have to. Congratulations and good luck!!!
  5. by   Doofy
    Stern School of business is rather well known if you are going for a MBA. Any major outside of business and finance, there's no leg up when applying for a job.

    Go for SBU. Maybe you can look around to see what is their percentage of passing the NCLEX.