NYP- Advice!

  1. Hi all,

    I am interviewing at NYP soon and I have a couple questions for you all that currently work there-

    What are the weekend requirements like?

    Is the closest subway station in an area where I could walk after dark to the hospital by myself? Is it a far walk?

    Any advice or information would be helpful!
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  3. by   estrellaCR
    I had a clinical at NYP last year as a Nursing Student. NYP has two campuses: Columbia and Cornell, all in Manhattan. The A,C, and 1 trains at 168th Street are a block away from the hospital if it is NYP-Columbia (Washington Heights). A major roadway is there and there is activity even late at night so the area is safe for the most part. If you are at NYP-Cornell (upper East Side) then the 6 train is a 10minute walk. The area is very safe, Upper East Side is an upscale neighborhood and crime rate is relatively low.

    In terms of weekends, the nurse there told me they had to work at least one weekend day a month and sometimes two weekend days (it depends on the Unit staffing needs).

    How did you obtain an interview at NYP? You have experience or are new? I have 6 months experience as pediatric outpatietnt/home care nurse so the system blocks my application from going to the recruiters b/c i dont have the required "1 year". I get a window at the end saying sorry you dont meet the requirements to forward your application to recruiting....just b/c of the 1 year thing. I have several certifications and 4 years healthcare experience (not nursing).

    Let me know if you have other questions.
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  5. by   scb7620
    I got an interview applying through their website. I have 1.5+ years experience in a high acuity Level IIIC NICU. Thanks for the response!