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  1. Are there any NYC WHNP on this forum? I have a few questions! I am applying to an NP program and am debating on whether I should apply for the WHNP. Adult NP, or Family NP. My goal is to work as an NP in a STD/prenatal clinic like Planned Parenthood and I was wondering what the job outlook for Women's Health NPs was in NYC. How is the pay? Is it difficult to find jobs? What type of settings do you work in? I ve always wanted to be a WHNP but I am afraid that I wont be able to make a decent living or find a job. Thanks in advance
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    I'm not WHNP but I recently switch from the midwifery program at my school to the FNP program. When I met the FNP advisor she asked me if I considered the WHNP program. She stated that the job prospects for WHNPs in NYC were great and that I wouldn't have any problem finding a job. I ultimately chose FNP because I want to work at an adolescent STD/HIV clinic and I think the FNP would be better suited for that. I don't know what programs you are applying to but Columbia has a combined WHNP/ANP program which most of the students who I know are in it are very happy with it.
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    Hey there Kimaboogie!

    Omigosh! You have the exact same question I am trying to get answered. I am applying to Columbia's ETP program with the speciality in Women's Health and would like to work in a community health setting like Planned Parenthood or a College Health center. I noticed no one responded to your posting. Have you had any luck getting your questions answered about opportunities with the career path?
    Thanks so much!
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    nope, no responses. Maybe that is an indication of how little whnp work in nyc? However, I enrolled in a family NP program at stony brook. Advisors told me that obtaining an Adult NP or WHNP licence had many limitations. For example, Adult NPs can work in women's health settings but are unable to treat clients 13 or under which you commonly see in STD clinics. This may dismay an employer from hiring you. WHNP are limited to only women's health. If you decide later on that you want to work in a different setting it would be very dificult and would require you to go back to school. Hence, I chose the FNP route so that I knock it all out in one shot. I do not want to have to go back to school in the future.