NY LPN Program?

  1. Hi. I am considering LPN school. I would like to hear from people who have gone to NYC LPN schools. Can you please tell me which school you attended/are attending and the pros and cons? Thank you.
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  3. by   kevin RN
    i attended veeb in uniondale long island, 11 months program very intense but also very doable if this make sense, highly recommended.passing nclex rate is very high
  4. by   sweetave

    Hi thank you for the response. Actually this is one of the schools that I am considering. Can you give me some more insight on this place. How are the teachers? Did you have an externship? If so, where and were you hired at this place? Were your school hours 8a-1pm? Also would you happen to know what is the nearest public transportation to this school? Thanks for your help.
  5. by   LuckyDD

    Help can you give us the curriculum or syllabus need for the program?? Or pm us w/ a list of books we should invest in... I want to get a head start, but have not heard anything from the school. Orientation should be in July according to the acceptance letter. Please provide us w/ any info you have? Thanks!
  6. by   chuck1234
    lpn schools in the city are very hard to get in. i tried all of them, and none of the schools accepted me. and in 1998, i was accepted by a school located on long island. i graduated in 1999, today, i am an rn working in the icu. if i only looked for a school located in nyc, i would not be an rn these days. location was my first choice, so were many other students.
    good luck!
    i hope you will get accepted somewhere!
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