nursing school Pre-Reqs???

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    I have a BS degree but need to complete all the pre-reqs before applying to nursing school. I'm looking into taking them at a CUNY school. Does anyone have any advice on good or bad places to take your pre-reqs?

    I assume many of the classes vary in difficulty and since it's best to get the highest GPA possible I would imagine there are classes that are a bit easier than others to take? Any schools to stay away from? Is the GPA the most important thing rather than where you took the courses and how difficult they were?

    My other question is for those who are not particulary that good at math and science, how hard did you find the pre-reqs at the CUNY schools? I'm prepaired to work as hard as humanly possible in these courses but I'm also pretty intimidated by the thought of getting all A's in chemistry and microbiology.

    Also, my goal is to get into an accelerated BSN program at NYU, Pace etc. have any of you had a hard time transfering your pre-reqs from community colleges?

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  3. by   lullaby
    i also have a question about financial aid. if i want to go to CUNY full time in the fall/winter (and maybe summer) to take all of the required pre-reqs, will i be able to qualify for financial aid? I know if you are a non-degree student you can't get financial aid.

    should i apply as a general student to take all my pre-reqs and be able to qualify for financial aid? has anyone done this before? obviously i need to ask them but i figured a lot of people on here have probably gone through all of this as well.

  4. by   Doofy
    Due to the limited seats to Nursing programs at CUNYs, most schools that offer the major will not have easy prereqs. It's the easiest way of weeding out students. You should look into CUNY's that don't have nursing majors. I know Queens College has A&P classes but no Nursing or PA major. And Queens college is pretty well respected in the city.

    If you live anywhere close to LI, Suffolk Community College has a lot of open seats usually.

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  5. by   Sammi15
    I did all my pre-requ. at QCC and were able to have all the classes transfer to NYU without any problem. Some of the classes like A&P 1+2 and Microbiology are especially hard but the most important thing is I walk away with great knowledge and foundation for nursing school.

    I will be graduating from NYU in May 07' :smiley_aa

    Good luck!
  6. by   3Triages
    I did most of my prerequisites at Kingsborough CC. It was a lot easier to get into the courses than other CUNYs such as Hunter. Some of the 4 year schools have waiting lists to get into a basic science course. From my experience, Kingsborough and BMCC are pretty decent for prerequisites. As for getting into the Nursing programs. . . I understand there is a waiting list
  7. by   JeanettePNP
    You have to be going to school full time to qualify for financial aid, which means minimum of 12 credits. Unless you have some easier courses that are also needed as pre-reqs, it would be very hard to take all the sciences in one semester. You can get some assistance if you go part time but it won't cover your full tuition.

    I'm taking pre-reqs at Medgar Evers, mostly because it is closest to my house and had the most flexible schedule. I start class tomorrow so I'll find out then how challenging the class is. I had my first lab already and wasn't overly impressed but we didn't really do much (which is why I wasn't impressed!)