New student moving to ROCHESTER

  1. Hi everyone!
    I've been accepted into a nursing program in Rochester. NY and will be moving there in Aug. I'm excited!!! My family wants me to live in the dorms so living arrangements will not be a problem, HOWEVER, I would like some advice from Rochester locals...

    I'm coming from California and have never lived in the snow.. am I in for trouble?

    Do i reallyyyy need my car?

    Are people generally friendly?

    Crime in pittsford?

    Please tell me anything you would tell your 20 year old daughter!

    Thank You!
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  3. by   NPAlby
    I'm originally from NYC but went to school up here in the Rochester area (SUNY Brockport).To answer some of your questions: Yeah, you'll need a car. Once you start doing clinicals public transportation is not much of a possibility. I didn't even have my license when I was in school so you can get around without one. People are generally friendly and so getting rides with my clinical group peers was not a problem. When I started working I bought a car within the first two weeks of orientation b/c it was too annoying trying to get rides and the bus system is not at all like that in nyc. Pittsford not really known for crime. It's considered one of the better areas in the county. Snow?! We just had two or so feet but that was a big storm that affected the whole northeast. That was one thing that took time for me to get used to. it still amazes me how much it snow. I came from nyc where there would be 2 inches and my family would be in a panic.
    Feel free to pm or ask any further questions. I've been a travel nurse and am currently in grad school up here at UB. But the real reason I came back is my the friends I made while I was in nursing school. While working in the city I would drive up here every six weeks or so b/c I would miss them all so much. So yeah people here are friendly!
  4. by   wilbur's mom
    Hi! N,
    I grew up in Rochester, and many of my Red Hat friends live in Pittsford. It is a nice neighborhood, generally more economically advantaged. Your parents are right. Live in the dorm, at least for the first year. My daughters did, too. We are blessed in the high quality of our nursing schools. You will need your car, and snow boots. We don't even blink at 5 inches of snow, we just push our way through it. A foot slows us down abit. You will need warm clothes, as we get lots of wind off Lake Ontario, and the rumors about "Lake EFFECT snow" are all true, and not really exaggerated. We tend to dress in layers. We have lots of great shopping in Pittsford, pretty safe during the day, with sections of local and diverse shops, and a Starbucks! in the downtown area. Rochester malls are spread out around downtown Rochester, sort of like the hub of a wheel, and spokes, where Marketplace Mall, GreeceRidge Center, Irondequoit, Eastview, are located. Buses are available, more so off the downtown hub. Happy Homework, sue